18 Years Young


I turned 18 on December 10th.

I’ve always felt like I’m an adventurous soul trapped into the body of a fearful person. My “what ifs” often hold me back, but ever since I’ve begun to work on my self-esteem, it has become easier for me to embrace my adventurous longings. Don’t get me wrong; I still have to push myself a great deal in order to start new adventures, but once I dare to take action, it’s always a crazy, fun ride with no regrets!

In the spirit of adventures and my mission to embrace my spontaneous nature, I decided to do something not so typical for my birthday: hiking. I invited a couple of my close friends and together we embarked our journey to Sandstone Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains.

It certainly wasn’t easy. I haven’t been working out recently, so I wasn’t in the best shape but I was so distracted by the beauty of the nature that was surrounding me that I barely noticed how out of breath I was. The mysterious fog and the mesmerizing mixture of fall and summer landscapes illuminated the most captivating sights.

In one part, we took the wrong turn and we ended up rock climbing. Although my slippery free-runs made me feel a bit closer to death than usual, ironically I had never felt more alive. The thrill that each reach brought me is indescribable. Don’t even get me started on the sense of accomplishment and pride that reaching the top accompanied. Ahhh…

I’m going to leave the rest of this story to be said by pictures, but as a final statement, I will say this: A little courage, good company, nature, and a sense of adventure can give you a memory of a lifetime and a sense of gratitude like no other ❤

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